Publicity photos of the INTERHOMES AG at the Bremen site

Today we were at Interhomes AG in Bremen for individual and exclusive advertising photos - and we took some team photos as well. We have already had the pleasure of working for Interhomes AG several times. The work there is particularly profitable because the company, as a housing developer, has specially designed rooms. These rooms show the different furnishings, which of course can be used very well for business and advertising shots. For example, we photographed conversations and consultations with customers because this is an authentic snapshot of the everyday work of many employees. We always find it particularly authentic when companies use their own employees for advertising purposes, because here a special identification with the company grows and becomes visible and grows. In addition, pictures of the board of directors and individual employees were taken, as these are particularly well suited for the company's web presence and external communication.

About Interhomes

Interhomes AG, with its headquarters in Bremen, has been in existence since 1968 and has been family-owned ever since. In addition to terraced houses, the portfolio of the residential developer also includes semi-detached and detached houses as well as condominiums for every requirement. In addition to its many years of experience, the company relies on the lifeblood of its employees, because that leads to the best results. And you can feel and see this everywhere on site. In the meantime, the Interhomes Group also includes numerous project and subsidiary companies. This makes the company a weighty and successful residential developer in Germany.

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