Shooting with Christiane Barho on Mallorca

Christiane Barho has been coaching leaders for 20 years and thus brings leaders to their effectiveness. Her focus is on accompanying executives in the first months in a new leadership role with "executive coaching" so that they can successfully master their new leadership jungle.
So far, more than 500 managers have used this on a 1:1 basis. She has also accompanied numerous people as a sparring partner on their leadership journey up to top management. She regrets that there are so many business women who still hide their light under a bushel. This is precisely why she supports women as a business coach in becoming more effective. 
She loves the Mediterranean flair, the culture, the language and the light. That's why she also works as a coach Mallorca directly in Palma, as she lives partly on the island.
Christiane Barho has built up her own successful brand over the years. But what is actually the biggest selling point of your own brand? The face, personality and appearance of the founder, the heart and soul of any company. In order to communicate this successfully and to convey the company's identity to the outside world, photos are the ideal communication medium. Experienced in the field of portrait photography, I specialise in helping self-employed people, among others, to give their brand a high-quality appearance through impressive images.

Shooting Coach for Managers Mallorca - conception and implementation

In a shooting for self-employed people, the focus is first on communication with the clients. This involves capturing their unique personality and professional goals. Before and during the shoot, we take the time to understand the vision and message so that they can be brought to the fore visually and successfully expressed in visual language. We discuss target group, company values and the already existing brand identity, because this is the common goal of our work. By taking previous branding into account, I ensure that the resulting images fit perfectly with an already existing brand identity.

Such a shoot allows my clients to establish a professional and authentic presence. The high-quality images can be used for website, social media and press releases. Therefore, they create a recognition value across different platforms.

With our photography, we help you visually tell your brand's unique story and bring its unique selling points to the fore. With our collaboration, we create images that express your personality and professional goals in an impressive way and help you communicate with your audience in a targeted way.

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