Photographer for sedcard: New input for the model portfolio

Creating a sedcard for models is an essential point to capture personality, charisma and versatility. As a photographer for sedcards, it is my job to bring out the model's potential and uniqueness.

My approach is to capture the versatility of the model. I start with a careful briefing to understand the model's personality and present them in as many different lights as possible. From artistic portraits to vibrant, fashionable moments, I capture the range of a personality with a focus on authenticity. 

To create a variety of shots through targeted staging and utilisation of the surroundings on Mallorca or in Frankfurt, for example. The sedcard should not only tell a visual story, but also show the model in different life situations. I prefer natural environments to create sedcards, but in some cases I also work with studios and urban environments.

My aim is to create each photo in such a way as to attract the attention of potential agencies and clients. With a flair for composition, light and expression, I create sedcards that impressively present the range of potential and the model - an approach that conveys uniqueness and professionalism at first glance.

A sedcard should always be up to date. If your next shoot is coming up - you can reach me here.


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