Social media photographer for Scaphandre

As an experienced social media photographer, I understand the importance of a strategic approach to a photo shoot to ensure that the images fit perfectly into an existing social media presence. In order to achieve the desired look and style, I work closely with clients, with an emphasis on open communication. This is particularly important to me because it allows the best possible result to be achieved.

In a social media shoot, I don't just consider lighting, background and composition. I also consider the colour palette and branding of an existing social media platform. By incorporating a brand's colours and design into the shoot, I create a unified and consistent look that reflects a brand identity. This shoot produced images for the fashion brand Scaphandrewhich has its origins in Mallorca. Besides swimwear, the core products include linen products such as shirts and trousers.

Social Media Photography - Concept and Implementation

During the shoot, I work closely with my clients to ensure that vision and goals are considered. We discuss the target audience, brand values and desired message to ensure the images are perfectly aligned with the social media strategy.

My goal as a social media photographer is to create high-quality images that make brands shine and engage target audiences. By taking into account existing social media aesthetics, the images integrate seamlessly into the existing feed, ensuring a consistent brand presence.

A shoot with an experienced social media photographer ensures that the images have the desired impact on your social media channels. With the help of my expertise and creativity, we communicate your brand message in a visually appealing way. Together we create an impressive Portfolio of images that inspire your target group and drive your social media growth.

More about us

You can find more work, which also goes beyond fashionshoots on Mallorca, in our detailed portfolio: