Social media photos for a professional online presence

A modern internet presence is no longer just about your own website, but also about creating suitable images for your social media presence. For some time now, social media has also been used across generations for private and business purposes and offers many opportunities to reach new potential customers. For this, the first impression of a profile is crucial. Even if you are allowed to look behind the scenes, professional social media images that make the company appear likeable and trustworthy are indispensable.

Concept and implementation

Especially as self-employed entrepreneurs, personal branding is an important part of the online presence. In this case, it was important for us to convey a strong and confident, likeable and approachable aura on the social media images. The interplay of the white outfit with bright light made a big contribution to this and, together with the orange colour accent, added some warmth. Social media photos are as individual as your company. That's why every customer is seen from a completely new angle and what makes your company special is highlighted. 

More about us

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