Why should I work with a photographer in Mallorca?

A photographer in Mallorca has the best prerequisites: Sun, beach and sea - if that's not reason enough to work with a photographer on Mallorca, there are also other convincing arguments. For non-natives of the island, the shoot can be perfectly integrated into a short trip to the sea or a longer summer holiday. In addition, the Mediterranean flair on Mallorca likes to bring out our best side. This makes it all the more beautiful to book a photographer who can capture just that.

Photographer Mallorca - Concept and realisation

As a model, it is important to present yourself in a versatile way and to adapt quickly and naturally to new situations. As a photographer, you have plenty of opportunities to do this on Mallorca. In this case, it was important for us to take advantage of the different hours of sunshine. This gave us the opportunity to capture a relaxed day by the pool (not unlike the one in a bikini catalogue) and to take advantage of the evening hours with the dreamlike sunset on the beach. In addition, there are many beautiful locations on Mallorca in the small towns and especially in Palma, which the photographer can use very well for everyday situations and tourist snapshots.

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