Sedcard photos

Today I met up with Eva for a sedcard shoot in Frankfurt am Main to shoot many different moods. Good sedcard photos are an important part of applications to model agencies. Here, a certain variety of photos is often expected, showing the model in different everyday situations. This is especially true for the commercial advertising sector, because: The more different moods, the better to propose the model to the client.

Often a variation of different portrait and full body shots at different locations and with different outfits is required. This includes, for example, business pictures, pictures of sports or pictures of wellness and relaxation. Very popular are also cosy pictures, e.g. while drinking in a café, pictures of shopping in the city and fashion or lingerie shots. There are countless possibilities for indoor and outdoor use, and we will be happy to advise you free of charge on your enquiry.

Planning and conception

Together with you, we develop a concept and plan your individual implementation. In doing so, we support you with a so-called Moodboard. This means: We create a template from images that go in the direction of your goal and serve as inspiration for you during the shooting. Experience has shown that this allows for even more targeted work and that no idea is forgotten. 

After the shoot, you will receive a DSGVO-compliant selection gallery with all the pictures taken during the shoot. You can choose your own favourites from this gallery so that I can edit them. After a short time, you will receive them without a logo and in high resolution for download. You can then send them to your agencies as you wish. If you do not yet have an agency in mind, we will be happy to make recommendations for you. Optionally, we can also create a complete sedcard with your photos. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Do I have to be a professional model to use this service?

No, absolutely not! Professional models naturally have a lot of experience and certainly a certain talent. But being a model is not a prerequisite for applying to classic people and casting agencies. There, it's usually not just about 90-60-90 models, as you know them from television. In advertising, different faces and characters of all kinds are particularly in demand.

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