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Nowadays, professional business photos are an important part of the portfolio of every self-employed person or entrepreneur. Classic studio pictures are no longer as desirable as stylish photos at selected and suitable photo locations. The city of Frankfurt in particular offers some great outdoor options that we are happy to recommend to you. There are also numerous options for appealing photo locations indoors. In this case, the business photos were taken at Frankfurt Airport.

When creating modern business photos, a professional but also informal and relaxed atmosphere is particularly important to us. This is how we want to ensure that you feel comfortable with us. As soon as people are involved, photography is always something special. This is because as a photographer you are no longer left to your own devices. You have to establish a rapport with people with a corresponding level of trust so that they feel well taken care of. This is how you usually show yourself as you are. However, clothing also plays a role here, because as we all know, clothes make the man. Here we are happy to give you tips on which clothes have a positive effect on pictures. Because only then can natural and authentic pictures be created with which you like to identify.

Do I need to have experience in front of the camera?

Professional models naturally have a lot of experience in this area and there is certainly a certain talent involved. But being a model is not a prerequisite for authentic business portraits, because everyone is photogenic in their own way. The only question is how comfortable a client feels at the photo shoot. The more comfortable the person feels, the easier it is to show the genuine unadulterated character. Here too, thanks to our many years of experience, we are happy to support you with tips and tricks during the shoot. Apart from the clothes, many aspects can also be discussed in advance on the phone. In today's shoot, we met with a female bestager model for a business shoot at Frankfurt Airport.

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