Photographer Influencer

Today we went for a beautiful shoot in a moonflower field in the Taunus at sunset. Professional photographers for influencers are becoming more and more important. In general, the topic of "social media" is playing an increasingly important role in our lives.

The entire social media world consists to a very large extent of images, videos and related content. We have all become accustomed to being constantly supplied with corresponding images through social media. We are all constantly on the lookout for something "special" in this flood of images. For this reason alone, good photographers are becoming increasingly important for influencers. Very often, the area of "portrait, lifestyle and sedcard photography" becomes relevant here, as the focus is usually on people who want to tell a story with or through their photos.

In this area of photography, a certain attitude towards life should always be conveyed. At the same time, the photos should appear loose and relaxed. 

This is where we come into play as photographers for influencers in Frankfurt am Main and throughout Germany. We take the necessary time to plan shooting projects in detail with the influencers and create a clear line of implementation based on a mood board. Furthermore, we of course advise on individual and appealing shooting locations, as well as on the best lighting conditions. During the shoot, we not only use our technical know-how, but also advise the influencers on various poses and create different angles, so that the end result is as wide a spectrum of images as possible. 

By creating a relaxed atmosphere at the photo shoot, we want to ensure that the models feel comfortable with us. As soon as people are involved, photography is always something special. This is because as a photographer you are no longer left to your own devices. You have to establish contact with people so that they feel familiar and show themselves as they are. But clothing also plays a role here, because as we all know, clothes make the man. In this regard, we are also happy to give tips on which clothes have a positive effect on pictures. This is the only way to create natural and authentic pictures.

You can find more work beyond our work as a photographer for influencers in our extensive portfolio: