Employee Photos - Regional Manager Central Europe for Qatar Airways in Frankfurt

Today we were commissioned by Qatar Airways to create portraits for their new Regional Manager. Qatar Airways has appointed a new Regional Manager Central Europe, Ronny de Lange, whom we photographed for his new position. High-quality images of the board of directors or even of staff and teams are an important part of any corporate website these days. Classic studio pictures are no longer as much in demand as dynamic backgrounds. The business city of Frankfurt in particular offers many good options here in the outdoor area, which we are happy to recommend to you. In the indoor area, too, you will find many options as appealing shooting locations.

Implementation of the employee portraits

When creating authentic employee photos, we always pay attention to a relaxed atmosphere and thus want to ensure that you feel comfortable with us. After all, as soon as people are involved, photography is always something special. This is because as a photographer you are no longer left to your own devices. You have to establish a contact with people so that they feel familiar and show themselves as they are. Here, however, clothing also plays a role, because as we all know, clothes make the man. Here we are happy to give you tips on which clothes have a positive effect on pictures. Because only then can natural and authentic pictures be created.

Professional models naturally have a lot of experience in this regard and certainly also a certain talent. But being a model is not a prerequisite for authentic portraits, because every person is photogenic in their own way. The only question is how comfortable that person feels at the moment the picture is taken. The more comfortable the person feels, the easier it is to show the genuine, unadulterated character. It is also important to present oneself authentically, because pretending is usually conspicuous. People's eyes in particular show very strongly how they feel. I particularly look forward to these moments, because I want to capture them as often as possible.

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